Hi, I'm Whitney!

​I'm a counselor and coach who helps people grapple with what they don't like about their lives and find real change and hope.


My clients usually look pretty put-together, some could even be described as "go-getters". They've figured out how make their lives look successful from the outside, but are looking for solutions to a life that isn't actually working on the inside.

Some of my clients report that their lives have changed so significantly that their family and friends have been stunned and asked what in the world happened to them! 

What changes for them? Well, they start showing up differently in their relationships (more authentic, available, and present), they start having the confidence to pursue things that scared them before (authoring a book, taking a class, or switching careers). They feel less anxious, less confused, and clearer about who they are and start experiencing higher self-esteem. They get unstuck.

Who Am I?


People describe me as candid, authentic, and insightful. They say I'm kind, funny, and a great listener. carry a huge curiosity towards life and love learning new things. I have a knack for understanding what's going on for clients and helping make the "mysterious" process of counseling/coaching feel *not* scary.

I've been a counselor for more than seven years, and worked with teens and young adults for nine years in numerous therapeutic-mentoring settings before becoming a counselor.

I've also spent many years on the other side of the couch in counseling and can relate to the struggle that my clients go through to change their lives. I know that changing yourself can be hard work! 

My Qualifications



  • MA Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Denver Seminary, 2013

  • BA in Journalism, University of Oklahoma, 2005


  • Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), State of Colorado

  • National Certified Counselor (NCC), National Board for Certified Counselors

Professional Affiliations:

  • American Counseling Association

  • National Board for Certified Counselors

Now to the Important Stuff About Me...
(just kidding)

​Things I Love:

I'm a fan of the mountains, fresh coffee, farmers markets, thrift stores (and quirky finds), traveling, good books, acoustic concerts, and being with friends and family. I'm from Dallas, Texas and so, of course, can't turn down a good chips and salsa/guac combo (but then...who can?). 

​Things I Don't Love:
Morning Radio DJ's (more music, less talking, please!)
​Liquorice (not ever)
Instant Coffee (don't be fooled by those Starbucks brand VIA packets...they still taste like Folgers, people!)
Powdered Creamer (Oy, I'll just drink water and skip the coffee altogether. Thanks, though!)

​More About Me:
My Christian faith greatly influences who I am as a person and how I think about health, wholeness, and meaning as a counselor. However, I welcome and frequently work with individuals and couples from all personal belief backgrounds

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